Discount desexing during July

There is no doubt that kittens and puppies are absolutely adorable.

At Animal Aid, however, we see too many litters of unwanted animals – we know how important desexing is.

Our vision is to be leaders in animal welfare: proactively addressing animal homelessness and minimising the number of unwanted animals in our community.

Desexing is central to this.

During July, we have significantly reduced the cost of desexing your pet – we want to break down the barriers that have prevented people desexing their pets, price being just one of them.

Did you know that cats can fall pregnant as early as five months of age and may have several litters per year, each producing five to 10 kittens?

This quickly adds up.

Hundreds are born and, unfortunately, many will have difficulty finding loving homes.

Dogs are less productive, yet the amount of surrendered, unwanted and abandoned dogs that come to us makes it clear that there are a surplus of dogs that need adopting – when you don’t get your pet desexed, you contribute to the problem.

We know there are a number of misconceptions about desexing.

Some believe pets will put on fat and become overweight if desexed.

This is untrue – your pet’s metabolism may change slightly, yet it is over feeding and lack of exercise that contribute to weight gain, not desexing.

It is commonly thought that females should have one litter before desexing.

Contrary to belief, this will only increase the risk of mammary cancer and does not serve any useful purpose for the female.

Desexing will not adversely affect a dog or cat’s character.

They do not have any concept of sexual identity or ego, so desexing will not change their basic personality.

Male dogs will not feel less ‘manly’ because of the operation.

There are, in fact, so many health, behavioural and community benefits to getting your pets desexed.

Check out our website for more information and our extremely affordable desexing prices – only available during July!

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