Knox Council free EV webinar

Knox City Council has organised the free webinar. Picture: ON FILE

Knox City Council has organised a free webinar with Andrew Reddaway from the Australian Energy Foundation on 15 June.

“Buying a new car is an important decision for households,” Knox Council said.

“This informative webinar will help you understand what it means to own an EV to help with your decision making.”

During the webinar, topics like how an EV compares to a petrol car, how and where to charge an EV, setting up your home for an EV, emissions compared to other modes of transport, what rebates are available when buying an EV and future trends in the market will be covered.

The webinar is supported by Knox City Council’s Climate Response Plan 2021-2031, which aims to reduce emissions in the community to net-zero by 2040.

“The plan outlines how we will support our community‚Äôs transition to lower emission transport options, including expanding our EV charging network and exploring car share programs,” the council said.

“Plans to install more EV charging stations in Knox are currently underway, more information will be available in the coming months.”

The webinar will be held on Wednesday 15 June, from 7pm to 8.30pm.

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