DESIGNED for Life proprietor Amanda Shallard is a fully qualified personal trainer and believes exercise is for every body.
“Inactivity is responsible for so much more than just weight gain,” she said.
“Exercise (combined with a healthy lifestyle) can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis.
“As well as helping to reduce body fat and increase muscle, exercise improves balance and flexibility – important in the prevention of falls and also improves our mood and self-esteem, so why wouldn’t you exercise.”
Amanda has been assisting clients achieve their fitness and fat loss goals for the past eight years but has been involved in fitness for more than 20 years and is continually updating her knowledge.
She has training in exercise during and after pregnancy, exercise and nutrition for children and exercise for older adults as well as general fat loss, strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.
Her newest endeavour is in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).
“Often it is our thought processes and the way we perceive previous experiences that let us down in achieving our goals,” she said.
Designed for Life, although separate, is at Amanda’s property in Mt Pleasant Road, Monbulk.
This means she is more readily able to accommodate clients’ hours of availability.
“You have the option of half-hour and one-hour sessions and can train one-on-one, or with a friend,” she said.
This year Amanda is also offering classes.
“At the moment we have a Monday evening Tummy Hips and Thighs class at 7pm and a Wednesday evening circuit class (focusing on upper and lower body) at 7pm which have proved to be very popular,” she said.
“With a maximum of six people, they are friendly, fun and effective.
“I am now starting up a Tuesday morning tummy hips and thighs class at 9.30am, a Tuesday evening tummy, hips and thighs class at 7pm, a Thursday evening circuit class at 7pm, and a Friday morning circuit class at 9.30am.”
At just $15 a class or $20 for two classes per week, they are an affordable and fun way of getting fit.
Amanda is a mum to two teenagers and understands the difficulties of juggling family life with time out for exercise.
“Often as a mum we tend to put everyone else first and taking time out for ourselves seems like an unnecessary luxury,” she said.
“Instead, we need to think of it as an important investment into our health and wellbeing.
“Who is going to take care of everyone if we get sick?
“Taking time out to exercise gives you more energy for your family, relieves stress- making you a calmer and nicer person to be around and gives your children a positive role model for their own healthy lifestyle choices.”
Amanda loves to chat with people about how she can help achieve their fitness goals.
Phone her on 0417 105 166 or 9752 0960 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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