Women of Troy a spectacle to see

Cassandra (Elise D''Amico) surrounded by fellow prisoners and guards. Pictures: COURTESY PHIL BYERS

Euripides: Women of Troy

Gemco Players, Emerald

Euripides’ plays have survived from ancient Athens because they offer something for all generations and all people.

This play, rather than telling the story of the many Greek and Trojan heroes, tells of the tribulations and sufferings of the defeated, the Women of Troy.

Parallels with our present time are all too obvious.

This production, ably directed by Sharon Maine, uses film techniques and a couple of well-known popular songs to help establish its modernity.

But it is the Chorus of Women (an ancient dramatic device) showing their well-choreographed plight and dominating the performance which makes the story so gripping.

The Chorus was directed by Kylie Rackham who had the eponymous role of Medea in the previous Euripidean play Gemco presented a few years ago.

There are outstanding performances by favoured ‘old’ Gemco actors, notably Elise D’Amico as Cassandra (previously our Lady Macbeth) and Margie Gemmell as Hecuba (nicknamed Granny Gemco by her grandchildren!).

The Chorus made up of mostly Gemco regulars was utterly convincing.

On opening night, as Troy was burning to the ground, there was added excitement as the Gemco Theatre smoke alarms started their piercing sound, but this is unlikely to happen in subsequent performances!

Performances take place until 21 March. For tickets contact gemcoplayers.org.