‘An Unconscious Voice’ launches at Burrinja

Get to know the local art scene at Burrinja Cultural Centre with the free upcoming 'an Unconscious Voice' exhibition. picture: Aimee McCallum

by Gabriella Vukman

Head down to the Burrinja Cultural Centre this Sunday 18 February to experience ‘An Unconscious Voice,’ a free art exhibition.

Exploring life, decay and the combination of seasons, this series of embossed works employs geometrics to reveal the depths of nature around us.

Aimee McCallum said, “The Burrinja Cultural Centre has been amazing in facilitating my growth as an artist.”

“I have loved being a part of the artists that work from the Centre, and having unlimited access to the studio has really harnessed my artistic flow,” Aimee said.

“Getting to know each artist has been so great and I have really enjoyed the help that we provide each other.”

The exhibition is running from February 18 to March 28 and is open to the public from 9am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday.

Aimee said, “I would describe my art as quite contemporary. It focuses on the cycle of life and the continuous life that surrounds us.”

Wishing to elicit a sense of connection between humanity and nature, Aimee said, “I want my audience to see the beauty that I see in nature as well.”

The exhibition is free and open to all.

“I love the connection that is fostered by the Burrinja community,” Aimee said.

“I feel comfortable exhibiting my work in this community space because judgements are removed and freedom is endorsed.”

“Whether the community likes my art or not it doesn’t matter, it’s just a freedom of expression,” Aimee said.