Maccas are in the frame

The frame of the Tecoma McDonald's has been erected. 112294 Picture: REBECCA BILLS


AFTER months and months of back and forth, the building frame for the Tecoma McDonalds has been erected.
Expecting to open in the next few months – the Mail, when visiting the site today, was surprised at the lack of protesters out the front.
McDonald’s security guards told the Mail they expected the protesting to commence again after the store was completed.
Last month, No Maccas in the Hills supporters attended the NOPE Party at Fatspace on the day that should have been the official opening of the Tecoma McDonald’s restaurant.
The party on Sunday 24 November saw Yarra Ranges councillor Samantha Dunn and local MP James Merlino attend.
No Maccas in the Hills spokesperson Gary Muratore said at the event that the community remained strong in standing up to McDonald’s, who ‘wanted to bully’ their way into the Tecoma community.