Still flippin’ angry

The campaigners voice their opinion last Friday, 7 April. 167220_01

By Peter Douglas

Three years on and they’re still not ‘burger-ing off’.
The No Maccas in the Hills campaigners continued their fight against the international fast food giant on Friday 7 April, the date that marks three years since their campaign started.
Despite objections, McDonald’s was allowed to build a restaurant in Tecoma in 2014 and passionate locals have continued to voice their concern.
Many still meet every Friday from 9am out the front of Tecoma McDonald’s to show their passion remains as strong as ever.
Group member Prue Licht recalled the disappointment felt over the VCAT decision at the time.
“In 2013, the March in March was attended by thousands of hills residents who walked from the Cameo in Belgrave to Tecoma to show their objection,” she said.
“But McDonald’s ignored the clear opposition by council and the community, and applied for the cases to be decided by VCAT.
“Despite hundreds of written objections, VCAT ruled the store could be built.”
Ms Licht said the campaign ultimately received international recognition and became synonymous with communities seeking the right to decide about local-level issues.