Dog show a close comp

Lily and Jack Russell Indigo took out second place in 11-14-year-old handlers.

Canines of all kinds came together over the weekend to take part in the annual St Paul’s Primary dog show in Monbulk.
From silky terrier to labradors and dachshunds, all the pooches were prepped and preened and putting on their best puppy dog faces.
But it was a close competition, and judges from Mount Evelyn Vet Clinic, Dr Sheree Zirafi and Alison Mealor said it was difficult to choose a winner from all the fabulous competitors.
“It’s great, the school community is fabulous and I think it’s great that the school does this,” Alison said.
“Definitely looking for the cuteness factor, but it’s also nice to see some training.”
That dynamic and cuteness factor was awarded to dog handler Patrick and his dog Polly who took out the ‘Best in Show’ award.
Polly is a sky terrier – one of the most endangered dog breeds in the United Kingdom.
Lisa Conway organiser for the event said that it was “bigger than last year” and that it was a “really successful” day.
“My attitude is that I’m a dog lover and I have kids, so why not bring the two together,” Ms Conway said.
“Dogs are quite often shown in the bad light, and I want to show them in a good light after all, they are kid’s best friends, they are adult’s best friends, and they are loyal.”
There were certainly only ‘good boys’ at the dog show, with many taking on the jumps course and setting splitting times.
Principal Michael Watt said the event brought together the entire community and not just those involved with the school.
“Lisa and Ashley have done an amazing job; we have people here from not just the school but also the community, it’s a great event and there are some beautiful dogs here,” Mr Watt said.