Belli a life member

Rob Belli, Yarra Ranges Athletics stalwart. 181780_01

By Jamie Strudley

Yarra Ranges Athletics’ Saturday morning cross-country was held at a sunbaked Margaret Lewsi Resreve in Coldstream.

After a robust congratulations to Rob Belli for his LAVIC – EMR life membership, an exceptional turn out of eager athletes and supporters turned their attention to the challenge ahead.

Rob Belli is a stalwart of Yarra Ranges Athletics.

Rob has been involved with the club before and after his children finished competing at Yarra Ranges Athletics Little Athletics, performing numerous roles within the club, most notably as a starter during the summer months and as a starter, organiser and competitior during the winter cross country season.

Rob is also actively involved in officiating where he is regarded as one of the premier starters in Victoria, often convening courses on behalf of LAVIC and EMR.

This recognition from EMR of Life Membership is a well earned award for a well respected, admired and loved member of the athletics community.

Rob duly started the first of five races, encouraging every athlete to push themselves, be it training for school cross country championships or just chasing personal bests and the elusive chocolate frog reward.

Once again the performance from everyone was outstanding with some very close finishes and big smiles

Results from round 9 are:

500m Hunter Lockland-Struhs 2.05 Robert McDowell 2.09 Jett Lockland-Struhs 2.17 Emily Kinwel 2.31 Sinead Willey 2.35 Bryce Fiedler 2.38 Ava Burgess 2.43 Lily Clarke 2.45 Mischa Gopal 2.52 Dihain Rathnayake 2.55 Leah Kinwell 3.19 Harlem Willis 3.19 Amelia Sketchley 3.20 ava sweeney 3.20 Georgia McKinnon 3.23 Zara Gopal 3.41

1000m Cooper Prescott 4.21 Jasmine Cochrane 4.21 Beau McKinnon 4.32 Willow Naismith 4.37 Hunter Lockland-Struhs 4.42 David Nackovski 4.42 Bodhi Lockland-Struhs 4.46 Emily Fiedler 4.46 Madeline Cannon 5.14 Blake Seeger 5.14 Patrick McErlain 5.23 Chloe Granger 5.24 Violeta Nackovski 5.29 Lachlan McNaught 5.31 Samuel Laven 5.31 Sinead Willey 5.34 Taylah Dux 5.40 Blake Freer 5.54

1500m Zoe Clarke 6.13 Ciara Willey 6.15 Sarah Rollo 6.30 Hunter Lockland-Struhs 6.32 Stephanie van Bemmel 6.35 Kaylah Cannon 6.51 Kai Freer 6.54 Sean Cannon 7.19 Robert McDowell 7.25 Jett Lockland-Struhs 7.28 Matthew Harvey 7.32 Kristina Nackovski 7.41 Noah Sweeney 8.24 Mitchell McNaught 8.35

2000m Mia Strudley 8.14 Bailey Van Bert 8.27 Mitchell. Pointon 8.28 Mia Harriss 8.53 Tiara Willis 9.03 Tyson Flavel 9.04 Cooper Prescott 9.23 Lily Cochrane 9.45 Rachael Gopal 9.54 Zoe Freer 10.18 Jasmine Cochrane 10.29 Willow Naismith 10.55 Sarah Rollo 10.56 Hunter Lockland-Struhs 11.34 Tahlia Murden 13.13 Zoe Freer 10.18

3000m Mitchell Deckert 11.32 Michael Clarke 12.23 Tahlia Harriss 14.18 Lily Cochrane 14.31 roger lord 14.37 Hunter Lockland-Struhs 14.44 Jess Dux 15.19 Mike Willey 15.4 Aleesa Keenan 15.43 Nathan Murden 15.52 charlotte lord 15.55 Charlotte Twentyman 15.55 Sarah Rollo 16.13 Zoe Clarke 16.14 Mia Strudley 16.15 Katie Clarke 16.34 Graeme Woolridge 16.40 Nicole Cannon 17.09 Sarah Adji 17.09

Next weekend is a big one for the secondary school athletes.

The Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championships will be held at Bundoora Park.

Good luck to all out athletes competing, represent your school, club and family with pride and courage.

The AV registered seniors also compete at Bundoora in the Victorian Cross Country Championships.

Saturday morning cross country will be at Morrison Reserve, Mount Evelyn, another chance for a personal best.