Accidental acceleration

A vehicle has mounted another when the driver hit the accelerator while parking in Olinda.

By Derek Schlennstedt

A car has mounted another car in Olinda after the driver accidentally hit the accelerator.

Olinda Police attended the incident and Sergeant Andrew Herdman said it was miraculous that no one was injured.

On Thursday, 12 July, 2018, at about 12:45pm a female driver was parking her white SUV wagon in the car park off Parsons Lane, Olinda.

While manoeuvring her car she accidentally hit the accelerator causing her vehicle to accelerate rapidly from her parking bay which was on an upper parking bay.

Sgt Herdman said as a result the vehicle has shot off the upper level and onto the lower level where she has driven over the bonnet and onto the top of a small red coupe. The car has then come to rest against a grey station wagon parked next to the red coupe.

The coupe and station wagon were unattended at the time of the collision and according to police both owners were shocked and upset at the scene before them.

The driver of the white SUV and her husband were uninjured, but all cars involved had to be towed away.

The driver of the SUV underwent a preliminary breath test, which produce a negative result, though as a precaution the driver will be required to undergo a medical review.

Speaking about the incident, Sgt Herdman said “it was an unfortunate accident where the driver could not explain how she has pushed the accelerator and not the brake.”

“It is just fortunate that no one was injured as that car park can become very busy with vehicle and pedestrian traffic.”