Monbulk Junior Footy gave a big thank-you to Upwey Football Club for hosting what should have been its home game on the weekend.

The Hawks were unable to play at home due to demolition works ahead of construction of a new sports pavilion.


The boys played a ripper of a game on a full ground. The opposition was tough but the Hawks held their positions well and matched their opponents score for score (not that they were counting).

Best: Arley, Ben, Jimmy, Lachie and Will.


The side put up a good contest against a skilful Upwey team.

The Hawks were slow out of the blocks again, but their second half was terrific.

Players stayed on their opponents, cleared the ball from the centre and created some scoring chances.

Best: Rylie, Ethan, Charlie, Will and Myles.


Upwey 5.4.34 d Monbulk 4.1.25

It was the side’s best contest of the year.

The boys got to the ball first, giving momentum going forward.

The side was slightly outplayed in the first half, but the boys lifted their game and won the second.

Best: Etienne, Charlie, Kit, James and Archie.


Monbulk 4.6.30 d Tecoma 4.3.27

Under-14 Green

Upwey 14.10.94 d Monbulk 2.2.14

The side came up against the premiership favourites and lost by 80 points, but it was a major improvement from their last meeting.

The kids stuck to the team structures well which will make them a very good team next year.

Best: Sam, Jack, Tim and Jules.

Under-14 girls

Belgrave 3.2.20 d Monbulk 2.5.17

It was a tough game for the Hawkettes.

Belgrave was fighting hard at every contest for four quarters and Monbulk really only started to settle into the game after half time.

There’s plenty to work on and hopefully the side can get back into training with purpose and realise that consistent training with purpose results in better game performance.

Best: Indi, Ruby, Hannah and Arie.


Monbulk 18.10.128 d Upwey 8.7.55

Up against a top-four opponent, the boys started from the outset and stamped an authority in constructive football.

It was great to see creative ball movement and structured set ups.

Best: Will, Sage, Chris, Mackay and Harry.

Under-18 girls

Blackburn 3.6.24 d Monbulk 0.5.5

It was a brutal game against Blackburn.

The Monbulk girls picked up their attitude and effort from last week and were in it until the very end.

Some nasty injuries were a downside, however the girls should be proud of their effort and are looking forward to the chance of finals.

Best: Shania, Laura, Olivia and Liv.

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