By Cameron Hutchison

AFL Yarra Ranges



Semi-final two

Wandin 16.16.112 d Woori Yallock 3.6.24

Wandin will head straight into the Grand Final after a huge win over the minor premiers.

The conditions were not conducive to free-flowing, high-marking footy, but Wandin made the best of it and completely dominated Woori Yallock.

They kicked 5.1 to 1.2 in the first to lead by 27 points, and added another five goals to one in the second for a 48-point lead at the main break.

The third quarter was a slog, with only three goals kicked.

Woori Yallock struggled to have an impact all day and could only manage one behind in the last to Wandin’s four goals.

Woori Yallock will play Healesville in a preliminary final next week.

Wandin best: J. Van Unen (8 goals), R. Heasley, R. Ross (2 goals), B. Harvey, J. Byrne (1 goal).

Woori Yallock best: R. Allen, J. Williams (1 goal), S. Kennedy, K. Thompson (1 goal), J. Matthews, M. Wright.

Semi-final two

Healesville 13.14.92 d Olinda Ferny Creek 8.8.56

Healesville ended Olinda’s chance to play for back-to-back premierships, and will take on Woori Yallock in a preliminary final.

The first quarter was a close battle, with both sides kicking just the one major.

Olinda got the better of the footy in the second, kicking four goals to three to be up by three points at half-time.

Healesville regrouped in the third and kicked 5.3 to 1.3 to head for home with a 21-point buffer.

Healesville did not look back, and kicked another 4.5 to 2.2 in the last.

Healesville best: J. Nugent (2 goals), N. Mende (1 goal), R. Woodford (3 goals), M. Jeffery, T. Costigan, J. Roe-Duggan (2 goals).

Olinda Ferny Creek best: D. Noorda (1 goal), D. Wilson, C. Beattie, J. Charge (2 goals), S. Atkinson, D. Rohrmann.


Semi-final two

Olinda Ferny Creek 6.5.41 d Upwey Tecoma 2.10.22

Olinda Ferny Creek best: L. Seal, T. Dawson, R. Davis, S. Hill (1 goal), T. Ireland, B. Telford.

Upwey Tecoma best: N. Waterman, N. Byrne, N. Beacom, S. Gannell, K. Townsend-Finlay, M. Tonge.

Semi-final two

Mount Evelyn 6.10.46 d Wandin 6.7.43

Mount Evelyn best: C. Hanna, M. Gibbons, A. Condello, L. Doidge (3 goals), J. Shaw (1 goal), S. Martin.

Wandin best: D. Bailey, M. Dall (2 goals), J. Glenn, B. Mills, T. Page, A. Mandl.


Preliminary final

Seville 20.9.129 d Yarra Glen 11.7.73

Seville will play Yarra Junction in the Grand Final after dominating Yarra Glen all day.

Seville took control early, kicking seven goals to two in the first quarter.

Yarra Glen won the second quarter, kicking 4.1 to 3.2, but Seville maintained control and led by 26 points at half time.

Yarra Glen could not get a score on the board in the third as Seville steamrolled them, kicking six goals to one to have the game in the bag at three-quarter time.

The last quarter was a bit of a goal feast, but as soon as Yarra Glen got a goal Seville responded with one of their own.

Seville best: D. Broadway, B. Penwill, J. Noble, J. Fraser (6 goals), N. O’Keefe (4 goals), M. Cecere (1 goal).

Yarra Glen best: B. Binion (1 goal), A. Smith, B. Ashton (1 goal), R. Gurney (2 goals), C. Tait (1 goal), T. Russell.


Preliminary final

Seville 6.9.45 d Yarra Glen 5.7.37

Seville best: J. Strachan, K. Mullett, J. Young (2 goals), C. Trainor (2 goals), L. Aitkins, R. Djohan.

Yarra Glen best: K. Braun, S. Twite-Moore, L. Coulson (2 goals), L. Vanderstadt, C. Orren, D. Barker (1 goal).


Semi-final one

Monbulk 9.7.61 d Woori Yallock 1.2.8

Monbulk secured a spot in a preliminary final against Healesville.

They came from fifth spot to tackle the minor premiers.

The first quarter was tight, with Monbulk holding a one-point lead.

They kicked away in the second with 3.3 to just one behind, to lead by 21 points at half time.

Woori Yallock failed to register another major for the remainder of the game, while Monbulk found the big sticks another five times.

Monbulk best: D. Ross (2 goals), M. Dekker, K. Linde, D. Rak (1 goal), A. Banks (2 goals), H. Finlay.

Woori Yallock best: D. Wood, J. Holland, R. Whitworth, J. Moller, R. Foy, A. Ferguson.

Semi-final two

Gembrook Cockatoo 9.9.63 d Upwey Tecoma 4.10.34

Gembrook will play Mount Evelyn next week in the other preliminary final.

It was all tied up at quarter time at 15 points each.

Gembrook Cockatoo got most of the play in the second, kicking 3.1 to four behinds to have a lead of 15 points at half-time.

They held Upwey goalless in the third and extended their lead to 30 points at the final change.

Two goals each in the last did not have any impact on the result.

Gembrook Cockatoo best: D. South (2 goals), L. Taylor (1 goal), Z. Loewe, M. Wareham (2 goals), J. Tilly, S. Lamble (1 goal).

Upwey Tecoma best: K. Weiser, T. Johnson, T. Holland, A. Bartils, L. Henderson-Rosaia, J. Pandelias.



Semi-final two

Belgrave 52 d Olinda Ferny Creek 49

Belgrave will have the week off and watch Olinda Ferny Creek and Woori Yallock fight it out in next week’s preliminary final.

Olinda jumped out of the blocks, shooting 17 goals to eight in the first, and it looked like it was game over.

Belgrave shot 15 goals to 10 in the second to reduce the margin at half-time to four goals.

They completely dominated in the third, with 20 goals to eight, to swing the lead in their advantage by five goals.

Olinda Ferny Creek won the last quarter but could not make up the margin.

Belgrave best: L. Bennett (20 goals), A. Jeffery, E. Schill (32 goals).

Olinda Ferny Creek best: K. Tomlinson, E. Stewart, A. Howard (10 goals).

Semi-final one

Woori Yallock 42 dd Wandin 32

Woori Yallock will play Olinda next week in the preliminary final.

Woori Yallock easily won the first quarter, shooting 12 goals to four.

Wandin picked up their game in the second but Woori Yallock had a lead of nine goals at half-time.

The third quarter was low-scoring but Woori Yallock still won it by a goal.

The last quarter was a shoot-out, with neither side getting an advantage.

Woori Yallock best: S. Bailey, A. Stranger, A. McGurgan (21 goals).

Wandin best: R. McMahon, K. Dolphin, R. Tidd.


Semi-final two

Wandin 38 d Woori Yallock 35

Wandin best: A. Lennie, A. Gedge (30 goals), B. Tait.

Woori Yallock best: H. Summers (25 goals), K. Eslick, K. Williams.

Semi-final two

Olinda Ferny Creek 52 d Monbulk Hawks 33

Olinda Ferny Creek best: P. Tilley, J. Carr, N. Millwood (45 goals).

Monbulk Hawks best: M. Coad (11 goals), A. Stone, O. Rundle.


Semi-final two

Wandin 29 d Olinda Ferny Creek 24

Wandin best: C. Iedema (18 goals), J. Day, H. McInerney.

Olinda Ferny Creek best: K. Shaw, A. Stewart, R. Woodcock.

Semi-final one

Monbulk Hawks 27 d Woori Yallock 11

Monbulk Hawks best: I. de Wit (23 goals), S. Munday, C. Hill.

Woori Yallock best: S. Southwick, A. Shanks, S. Young.


Semi-final two

Wandin 33 d Warburton Millgrove 23

Wandin best: E. Rhodes, A. Kay (22 goals), M. Rouget.

Warburton Millgrove best: A. Ormsby (15 goals), G. Woods, B. DePedro (7 goals).

Semi-final one

Olinda Ferny Creek 32 d Monbulk Hawks 12

Olinda Ferny Creek best: S. Miller, T. Gellie, S. Read.

Monbulk Hawks best: M. Werts, T. Kelly, M. Giling (10 goals).


Preliminary final

Kinglake 46 d Seville 29

Kinglake best: F. Waack (28 goals), A. Barnes (4 goals), B. Waack.

Seville best: C. McDonnell (4 goals), S. McNay, L. McNay.


Preliminary final

Yea 37 d Yarra Glen 30

Yea best: C. Newcomen, L. Cronk, M. Sundblom (29 goals).

Yarra Glen best: A. Carter, E. Brown (14 goals), S. Corrigan.


Preliminary final

Yea 29 d Powelltown 19

Yea best: D. Schickerling, R. Aldous (20 goals), J. Watts.

Powelltown best: G. Crofts, S. Traynor (5 goals), C. Beament.

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