Have a bonsai time

A bonsai "Maple Forest". 181524_09 Picture: ROB CAREW.

Following on from their bonsai show in June, the Yarra Valley Bonsai Society is holding a sale day.

The day helps raise awareness of Bonsai Clubs existing in the Eastern suburbs, and aims to attract new members, as well as offering a delectable range of the small and dainty trees.

Yarra Valley Bonsai Club President, Geoff Pettman said that unlike the bonsai show which was 90 percent bonsai displays and 10 per cent sales, this would be the complete opposite.

“We have a few nurseries involved, a lot of individuals and women who do pottery and make bonsai pots,” Mr Pettman said.

“It’s really like a big garage sale, but then we also have a display on the side to show what’s possible and the finished product.”

“We find that there aren’t many dedicated bonsai nurseries out this way and so we get together and invite people to come and take out or hire a table, and sell their own products.”

“This Sale Day is an excellent opportunity to purchase some great and rare bargains to either enhance your existing collection, or to get you started in this rewarding hobby”.

The sale day also offers hobbyists the chance to learn more about the unique plants and to join the Society which meets in Mount Evelyn once a month.

He said that while Bonsai trees are fairly easy to maintain they do require some attention to ensure they don’t wilt.

“It can be as much work as you want to put into and it’s the sort of hobby you can do a bit on each day, but they do need to be watered fairly regularly,” he said.

The event is held on Sunday 18 November from 10am –1pm at the Wandin North Public Hall. Entry is $2.


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