Three… facts about Taylor Swift

11-time Grammy award winner singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. Photo: ON FILE

1. Taylor’s hit song “Love Story” was written in a total of 20 minutes on her bedroom floor at the age of 17 after her parents disapproved of a boy. This was revealed by her mum, Andrea, when she was presenting her daughter with the ACM Milestone Award in 2008. “Love Story“ was Swift’s first number-one single in Australia, where it was certified thirteen-times platinum.

2. Taylor bought a holiday home in Rhode Island valued at $17.75 million. She bought this house in 2013, and two years later the state introduced “The Taylor Swift Tax”, meaning anyone who owned a second home valued at more than two million dollars must pay a charge.

3. Taylor grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania before her family moved to Nashville to support Taylor’s music career. Taylor even wrote a song about this experience, appropriately naming it “Christmas Tree Farm”.