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Kemp's Curtain Call. Picture: ON FILE

Burrinja Theatre

Greece Lightening – Garry Stars,

Zeus, Fools and Drachmas. One idiots Mythical Quest for Prosperity.

An overzealous idiot attempts to perform all of Greek Mythology in order to save his Hellenic Homeland from economic ruin.

Never before has Medusa been loose, Achilles more sillies or Uranus so heinous.

Having single handedly saved the performing arts in 2018 with his multi-award-winning debut show Garry Star Performs Everything, comic wunderkind Garry returns with another anarchic masterclass not to be mythed.

Season: 7.30pm, Thursday 13 June.

Venue: The Lyre Room.

The Princess theatre

Sunset Boulevard

Opening this review I feel a quote from the program and Fiona Allan CEO and Jo Davies Artistic Director of Opera Australia, “Welcome to 1950s Hollywood, where dreams can be made and broken in a heartbeat. Where silent movie star Norma Desmond longed for a return to the big screen and where a chance encounter with struggling screenwriter Joe Gillis leads to a passionate relationship – and an unforgettable conclusion.”

As Norma Desmond Sarah Brightman who is an International singing star and is the world’s best soprano which she certainly showed in her performance.

As Norma Desmond Susan really caught the essence of the character giving an outstanding performance as the fading star. Susan also worked well with her screenwriter Joe Gillis and

her butler/chauffer Max Von Mayerling.

Joe Gillis was given an outstanding performance by Tim Draxl.

Tim really captured the role as envisaged and worked well with Suan.

The third of the main stars was Robert Grubb as Max Von Mayerling. Robert was the butler, chauffer and devotee of Norma Desmond.

A superior performance, and Robert was perfect in the character.

All three had wonderful voices and as the production is a musical the three rally came over with their great voices.

The fourth main star was Ashleigh Rubenach as Joe’s co-writer and possible girlfriend.

Ashleigh added to high standard of the production giving a wonderful portrayal of her role.

A great evening of theatre with magnificent sets which moved smoothly and showed each aspect of life n the movie world.

The balance of the cast kept the high standard of the expected performance.

As the performance was so great the audience gave it Melbourne’s highest honour.

A standing ovation.


The 182 Theatre Centrestage Youth Theatre presents Radium Girls

Season: 2 – 15 July. Bookings: 9758 3964