Bowlers win at home

Monbulk plays Healesville on Saturday in pennant at Monbulk.

Monbulk Bowling Club’s number one side played Healesville at home in a Saturday pennant contest.

Monbulk 1 was fourth-placed and Healesville sat in eighth position.

Monbulk started well on all rinks and established an early lead, but Healesville lifted its game and became very competitive.

Brian Smith’s rink had the close one, winning 10 of the 21 ends but dropping two fours along the way.

They were two shots down going into the last end, and were holding five shots and victory when the Healesville skip played a match-saving bowl to cut the shots held back to one, leaving the rink one shot shy of victory, 16 to 17.

Eric Markham’s rink was ahead by six shots at the halfway mark then lost its way in the back half, winning only one more end and suffering a loss, 17 shots to 26.

Andrew Bell’s rink had a scare in the middle of the match, losing four ends in a row and giving up the lead for one end.

It then comprehensively won the back half, only dropping two ends of the last 11.

Bell’s team won 27 shots to 13.

Richard Cookson’s team was the standout performer for the day.

Marg O’Brien played lead, Klaus Eisele played second, Ivan Baric played third and Richard played some spectacular shots as skip.

The team led all day and picked up a few good multiples, finishing with a huge win, 35 shots to 10.

Overall, Monbulk had a strong win, 95 shots to 66, and the side moved into third place on the ladder.

It next week faces Croydon, which is second on the ladder, away from home.

On Tuesday Monbulk 1, which is sitting on top of the ladder, played at home against Eastwood Golf, which is sitting second bottom.

All three Monbulk rinks performed consistently with the foot staying on the pedal right until the last bowl.

Bell’s team won 31 shots to 10, with Bell doing several brilliant shots causing a several shot turn around on a number of ends.

Markham’s team only dropped five ends for the whole game and won 31 shots to 11. Cookson’s team was ruthless all day, winning 34 shots to eight.

Overall Monbulk won by a massive 96 shots to 29.

Monbulk 2 travelled to Glen Waverley, whose side is on top of the ladder.

Monbulk lost on all rinks and had a final score of 40 shots to 71.

Monbulk 3 played at home against Mulgrave, the side securely on top of the ladder having lost only two matches for this season.

Monbulk played disciplined draw bowls and made the going tough for Mulgrave.

Monbulk played well after the lunch break, with only the one rink being defeated.

Barry Adshead’s team was behind until the ninth end when they picked up a four.

The switch had been flicked and they only dropped three ends for the rest of the game.

Adshead’s team won with absolute authority, 27 shots to 11.

Don Barnetson’s team also started slowly, then picked up a three on the sixth end to take the lead.

Then they gathered momentum and stormed ahead.

There was a bit of a scare on the 18th when they dropped a three, but they won the three straight back on the next end and went on to a strong win, 22 shots to 15.

Mike Harris’ team was three shots up at the halfway mark.

The opposition team regrouped after the break, and Harris’ team only won two ends in the back half and also dropped a few clangers along the way.

So, they lost that rink 10 shots to 23.

Overall Monbulk had a decisive win, 59 shots to 49.

Mulgrave is still on top, but Monbulk has edged closer and now sits in second spot.

Night Owls bowls is in full swing on Thursday nights.

The bowls starts at 7.30 pm, with casual dress and flat soled shoes recommended.

Bowls can be provided and single players or teams can be accommodated.

Call the club on 9756 6183 to play, sign up in the foyer at Monbulk Bowls Club or arrive at 7.15pm ready for action.