Hawks off to a flier

Monbulk Junior Football Club


Monbulk vs Belgrave

The side had a terrific first game for the season.

The coaches were very impressed by the team’s tackling, link up play and marking.

They will work on spreading the ball and playing in front of the opposition.

Best: J. Kanter, Z. Koelewyn, B. Gray, L. McChonchie.


Monbulk vs Mount Evelyn

Some old and some new players make up the Under-10s this year, and they are off to a good start.

In its first time on a full-sized oval the team ran the game out well, with some great passages of play and lots of tackling pressure.

Best: A. Grey, J. Heap, R. Koelwyn, Z. Koelwyn.


Mount Evelyn 3.10.28 d Monbulk 2.0.12

The side made a great start to its season against a strong Mount Evelyn team.

Its game plan improved and the overall effort was terrific.

The backline stood up for the four quarters and players’ run and kick to space worked well.

Best: E. Knight, W. Hughson, W. Davidson Tuck, C. Henderson.


Monbulk 14.18.102 d Mount Evelyn 1.0.6

The Hawks went up against a tough opponent were pushed in defence.

The side looked good at times moving the ball but have plenty to work on and look forward to.

Best: Tim, Zach, Xavier, Josh Smith, Etienne.


Belgrave 5.6.36 d Monbulk 2.3.15

The side had a great second half.

It is amazing what happens when effort is bought to the contest.

The Hawks will not be intimidated again and are looking forward to next week.

Best: A. Nagy, L. Smith, T. Koelewyn, L. McDonald, J. Prys.

Under-14 girls

Monbulk 52 d Belgrave 6

The Hawkettes were looking forward to their first hit-out and it started off quite a defensive and intense game.

The girls settled into their roles on the field for their teammates and listened to each individual to pressure the game to their advantage.

Best: A. Hughson, C. Bakker, I. Linde, S. Beecroft.


Monbulk 9.15.69 d Wesburn 1.7.13

The side had a great day to start off the 2019 season.

It has a nice balance of top and bottom age boys that are bonding very well together so early into the season.

The boys were very effective from the outset, taking control of ball movement and being strong in all contests.

The team as a whole worked together and put things into play that they’ve been working on each training session.

Best: T. Ford, J. Niclasen, G. Ross, N. Taylor.