Mixed Mother’s Day fortunes

Jack wins clean possession for the Hawks'' under-14s.

 It was a round of Mother’s Day matches as the Monbulk Junior Football Club Hawks battled away against Healesville on Sunday 12 May.

Players worked hard with competitive team spirit making all mums proud.


Monbulk vs Healesville

Awesome playing conditions produced an outstanding game by the under-9s.

During the week the side practiced handballing while being attacked and playing on from a mark.

This showed all through the match, with great hit-up marks and hand balls.

Best: T. Burke, M.Gurpinar, T. Phyland, C.Cotter, L.McConchie, M.Fraser.


Monbulk vs Healesville

The side was up against a strong opposition but was strong and competitive in the contest and worked hard to score a couple of goals in the last quarter.

Best: N. Brown, R. Koelewyn, A. Sprout, J. Allder, B. White, A. Krey.


Monbulk vs Healesville

The side put in a much-improved performance.

Its main goal for the day was to compete and win the ball, and its endeavour for the entire four quarters was pleasing to see.

Best: C. Henderson, J. Fraser, R. English, B. Pratt, W. Davidson-Tuck.


Healesville 11.10.76 d Monbulk 3.0.18

The Hawks put up an excellent contest in the first half, sticking close against a very strong opposition.

Healesville ran over the top of the Hawks a bit in the third quarter, but Monbulk stuck to its guns and continued to apply pressure right to the end.

There were strong contributions by many players.

Best: T. Higgins, A. Moore-Dennis, M.Pithouse, O. Blandthorn, D.English, J.Marks O-Brien.

Under-14 girls

Monbulk 6.8.44 d Healesville 0.0.0

After having to consolidate and rethink their start to our game versus Healesville, the Hawkettes fought their way through and finished off strong.

Every week sees new kids stepping up and contributing to the team.

Best: I. Linde, M. Laven, M. Macallan, G. Knight, B. Tipping, M. Hooper.

Under-14 boys

Healesville 8.8.56 d Monbulk 3.3.21

The side battled hard and was short a few of its bigger players, which did not help.

The team spirit is good and the side will work hard at training to keep improving.

Best: T. Rickard, G. Ryan, A. Rainey, F. Taffe, J. Bateson, A. Nagy.


Monbulk 15.5.95 d Healesville 1.5.11

The boys were good again.

The game was even after the first quarter.

The side had a fantastic second quarter, worked hard to stick to the team structures and finished the game strongly.

Best: B. Grimes, B. Hughson, W. Henderson, A. McDonald, M. Rouget, A. Green.