Only one win for the Hawks

Ryder taps to advantage in the under-10s. Picture: ANTHEA HEAGNEY

 The Monbulk Junior Football Club had its final Silvan-held ‘home game’ this weekend.

The move to its new sporting pavilion has started and excitement is mounting for genuine home games and to show off the new facilities to the community and opposition.

Only the club’s girls’ team had a win this weekend.


Monbulk vs Mount Evelyn

Perfect conditions produced plenty of marks, handballs and kicks for goal.

The team is working well together and it is a pleasure to watch.

Best: J. Kanter, T. Cross, T. Callanan, T. Phyland, C. Myres, M. Eurpinar.


Monbulk vs Mount Evelyn

The side showed big improvement in maintaining position and not ball watching.

A late goal gave the team reward for their effort.

Best: R. Koelewyn, A. Gray, L. Dickason, A. Koelewyn, O. Watson, W. Heap.


Mount Evelyn 76 d Monbulk 7

The side had a tough day at the office against a solid Mount Evelyn team.

The Hawks struggled to get their hands on the ball and apply pressure for long enough periods.

They will keep working at these areas.

Best: W. Davidson-Tuck, W. Hughson, G. Silvester, J. Fraser, E. Knight, A. Jury.


Olinda-Ferny Creek 13.6.84 d Monbulk 1.6.12

It was a tough day for the Hawks against a strong opposition who used the ball very well.

The side had lots of individual efforts but struggled to get passages of team play happening, and didn’t make the most of the forward opportunities.

Best: Etienne, Toby, Hamish, Ollie, Drew, James.


Emerald 7.10.52 d Monbulk 2.4.16

The side tried hard but was unfortunately outclassed.

The boys fought it out to the end, and will continue to work hard.

Best: Thys, Sam, Jonah, Ford, Jamo.

Under-14 girls

Monbulk 7.7.49 d Mount Evelyn 5.6.36

This was going to be a great test for the girls today.

A few were nervous but to see the outstanding efforts by the team today was an opportunity to deliver all we train for.

Efforts, pressure and ball transition were our focus for the game and we are really proud of our “team” and what we play together for.

Best: C. Bakker, M. Laven, A. Hughson, J. Farmer, H. Koolstra, M. Macallan.


Mount Evelyn 10.8.68 d Monbulk 7.6.48

It was another tough clash against Mount Evelyn.

The boys had a fantastic start and played tough footy in the first half.

Mount Evelyn started the second half accountable and physical and the Hawks finished the game three goals down.

Best: W. Anderson, N. Taylor, T. Ford, H. Strathawn, A. McDonald, J. Young.