Top Monbulk side claims a huge scalp

Bowlers ready to start the contest at Monbulk.

Monbulk 1 played top side Vermont South at home in a match Monbulk needed to win to maintain a spot in the top four.

Richard Cookson’s rink dominated their opponents from the start and won 35-10.

Eric Markham’s rink had a close battle with scores level after nine ends. They then established a break by winning the next six ends and eventually won 30-15.

Andrew Bell’s rink had some difficult opposition and after a slow start was not able to catch up, eventually losing 28-11.

Monbulk won the overall, 76-53.

Monbulk 2 played against finals contender Eastwood Golf at home in what turned out to be a close affair.

Graeme Goller’s rink was on top early and led by eight shots after five ends.

Eastwood then claimed a four and drew within two shots after 11 ends.

The Monbulk rink grabbed a six on the 14th end to put the rink beyond doubt and won 26-14.

Eric Furby’s rink lost seven of the first nine ends to fall behind and eventually lose 25-17.

Di Bigelow’s rink was all square after 16 ends, but dropped a couple of multiples to lose 21-14.

This saw Monbulk lose the overall 60-57.

Monbulk 3 travelled to Eastwood Golf and also had a very close contest.

Norma Clerke’s rink gave the opposition an 18 shot start, but then grabbed some significant multiples to go down 27-22.

Ray Pike’s rink had a close tussle and led by one shot with four ends to play, but they lost three of the next four ends to lose by five shots.

Mike Harris’ rink was level after 11 ends, but they then took control to win, 19-11.

Monbulk lost the overall by a mere two shots.

On Saturday, Monbulk 2 played Mulgrave Country Club in a top of the table clash away from home.

Mulgrave took control on the main board early, but as Monbulk became used to the conditions they fought back hard took the points 79-72.

Monbulk 3 had a close contest early with Eastwood Golf at home, but then gained control to win 46-26.

Monbulk 1 played Heathmont at home in what turned out to be a surprise result.

Monbulk was in control early and led by 13 shots at the break. Heathmont then put the pressure on with some consistent bowling and gained the upper hand to win 80-72.