Monbulk bowlers finals bound

Don Barnetson puts down a bowl in Monbulk''s win against Vermont South.

Monbulk 1 had to win its last round game at home against Healesville and gain maximum points to ensure its place in the finals.

Brian Smith’s rink started well and led by six shots after three ends.

They maintained this lead until the 11th end when they dropped two fours in a row to find themselves behind.

They then won the next five ends to lead by eight shots and hung on to win 21-18.

Andrew Bell’s rink trailed for most of the afternoon, but picked up five shots on the last end to win by four shots.

Richard Cookson’s rink controlled the game from the middle stages when they picked up 11 shots in three ends to win 29-15.

Eric Markham’s rink was level after 11 ends, then the home team won the next three ends to grab the lead, but dropped a five on the 15th end to find themselves two shots behind.

They then won the next four ends to lead by four shots, but dropped another five to be one shot down with one end to play.

The skip was then able to draw two shots to win the game 19-18 and gain maximum points which guaranteed Monbulk a place in the finals.

Monbulk 2 headed to Heathmont keen on maintaining its undefeated record for the season.

Graeme Goller’s rink led by 12 shots after eight ends, but then only won five of the last 13 ends to win 21-15.

Eric Furby’s rink was level after 14 ends, but then dropped nine shots in three ends to lose by that margin, 25-16. Norma Clerke’s rink fell behind early and then made up ground to be only two shots down after 13 ends.

They then dropped a four and eventually went down 22-15.

Case Broekhof’s rink, with Eric Walsh leading superbly, dominated their game, only losing five ends to win 32-9. This meant Monbulk 2 will go into next week’s finals as the top team.

Monbulk 3 was given a forfeit by Heidleberg and this leaves them in top spot on the ladder and a home final next week.

On Tuesday, Monbulk 1 who were third on the ladder played Burwood District away from home in a game they were expected to win.

However, the game did not go to plan and Monbulk was 15 shots down at the lunch break.

As the game went on, all rinks lifted and in a thrilling finish Monbulk got over the line in the last couple of ends.

Andrew Bell’s rink trailed by two shots with four ends to play, but they won all four ends to win 22-16.

Eric Markham’s rink was 15 shots down with seven ends to play and then won six of these ends to go down 22-21.

Richard Cookson’s rink started slowly but gained the upper hand after the lunch break to be nine shots in front with three ends to play.

However, they lost the last three ends to get over the line 22-20. Monbulk won the overall 65-58.

Monbulk 2 played Montmorency at home and had a good win overall, 64 to 48.

Klaus Eisele’s rink was one shot down with four ends to play, but they finished strongly to win 19-14.

Eric Furby’s rink won the majority of ends 12-9 but dropped a couple of multiples to lose by one shot.

Graeme Goller’s rink took control just before and just after the lunch break to establish a lead and won 29-17.

Monbulk 3 travelled to Lilydale and came up against tough opposition.

Ray Pike’s rink started slowly and while they limited the clangers went down by 16 shots.

Alan Hamilton’s rink struggled to win enough ends to put pressure on their opponents and lost by 16 shots.

Mike Harris’ rink was the shining light winning 12 ends and having no clangers to win 17-12. Monbulk lost the overall, 63-36.