Three generations, one team

Karen Todd, Ros Trojan, Miah Beardshaw, Nadia Beardshaw and Kate Palmer-Kempster.

Tennis really can be considered a true, cross-age sport if these ladies are anything to go by.

Ros (mother), Nadia (daughter) and Miah (granddaughter) are all members of the same Emerald Tennis Club team and relish the chance to play together.

“Miah and Mum have both played for Emerald in different teams for a long time,” Nadia said.

“We saw the opportunity to play Tuesday night ladies competition and thought, why not?”

Although Miah is only 12, there is no age restriction on the ladies tournament, so it seemed only

natural to include her.

“Really, Miah is our strongest player – I’m quite new to tennis and our other two team members, Karen and Kate, are returning after a long break from the game, so it’s been wonderful to have her in our team,” Nadia said.

“Miah brings enthusiasm and a maturity about the game far beyond her years.”

When asked if it gets a bit tense playing with family members Nadia said “not at all.”

“We have such a wonderful time and a bit of a laugh as well. It’s a real honour to be able to take the court with both my Mum and daughter,” she said.

“It’s all about having fun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and just enjoy being able to have a hit.

“Each week when we arrive to play, the other team is always quite intrigued by the fact that there are three generations in the same team. Especially as Miah is so young. But as soon as she gets on the court, they realise that she is a force to be reckoned with.”

Nadia said the team was “wrapped” to have made it into the finals two seasons in a row.

“Above all else we’re so thrilled we made the decision to enter the team, it’s wonderful to be able to play the game and we’ve made some wonderful friendships along the way.”

She said the team would “absolutely” be back in action next season.

“Like so many we are excited to get back to our sport. Tennis is really the perfect post-Covid sport. Social distancing is possible and you can still get your workout and make some great friends along the way,” Nadia said.

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