Community reconnect

Emma Jennings, Jo Horswill, Nia Beardsley and Krystal Bassett from Olinda Community House.

June last year was a month many of us would prefer to forget about, the storms that devastated the Dandenong Ranges and surrounding areas were not something we would hope to go through ever again. (Not to mention being met with all the other challenges of the world.)

However, something beautiful came out of the June disaster and that was the realisation that your neighbours were there for you and there is a strong sense of support in the hills.

Many affected community members in the hill tops will remember the wonderful community-led Kalorama storm relief hub, this hub was set up by local residents and was the centre of support before council and external organisations were able to even get up the hill.

The community spirit and support between locals was incredible, there was a strong sense of comradery that can only come from people being brought together in a crisis.

Since last years’ storms, we have mostly started to go along with ‘business as usual’ and gone back to our ‘normal’ lives. But the connections and support cultivated during that time are still strong and many would like to hold on to that community spirit.

The community group Kalorama Collective, Olinda Community House and Soup Angels are inviting community to come together and share a bowl of delicious soup over good conversation and live music.

Come along on Tuesday 3rd May, 6pm – 9pm at Olinda Community House. And each Tuesday for the rest of term 2.

To register for this free event contact Kalorama Collective on

Olinda Community House, 79-81 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda 3788 VIC (Next to the Olinda Pool)

We would also like to mention the upcoming bi-annual Olinda Market and Car Boot sale, supporting locals by bringing together community and celebrating being able to connect with the return of this much loved event.