Lighting the way sustainably

MTCO Electrical is located at 14 Moores Road, Monbulk.

Elle Cecil

Specialising in renewable energy sources, MTCO Electrical is a family-owned and family-run electrical contracting company that has been proudly servicing Monbulk and surrounding areas in the renewable energy sector since 2010.

As well as providing solar systems for homes and businesses, MTCO Electrical can assist with solar battery storage, generator changeover switches, auto start generator systems and providing innovative solutions to counteract the ever-increasing power outage events around the area.

With staff passionate about renewable energy and ensuring a sustainable future for the planet, MTCO Electrical is not just about profit. Driven by bringing change to the world for a better future for their kids, the team is proud to offer solar energy as a great alternative to protect our Earth.

“We can’t simply keep digging resources out of the ground and lighting it on fire to make our power – it is not sustainable and it is polluting our planet,” says Ewen Williams, owner of MTCO Electrical.

“The price of electricity is only going one direction and it certainly isn’t down. It is especially lucrative for businesses to consider loading their roof up with solar – they generally have a large roof footprint, allowing for a lot of panels… they also use most of their power during the day while the sun is out.”

“Combine these two factors with very high bills and they stand to save a lot of money while helping to contribute to the fight against global warming,” Ewen says.

MTCO Electrical takes care of all stages of a job, from design to installation, commissioning to after sales servicing. While most larger companies offer packages that best suit the company’s agenda by subcontracting each stage of the job, MTCO Electrical likes to get to know its customers and learn exactly how they use their power, and what the customer wants to achieve through their interaction with the business.

When you implement MTCO Electrical’s expert services, the entire job will be followed through from designing the layout and setup, installing the system, turning it on and then providing maintenance and servicing from the same friendly faces.

MTCO Electrical is located at 14 Moores Road, Monbulk. For more information, visit, email or phone 0474 070 178.