Police get new beat

EMERALD police have taken over the patrol of the neighbouring towns of Gembrook and Cockatoo after a realignment of areas was recently undertaken.
Sergeant Neville Seamer said that Gembrook and Cockatoo used to be under Pakenham’s jurisdiction.
However, the shake-up has meant that Pakenham’s former patrolling areas have been reassigned to Emerald Police Station.
He said Emerald had also been given two extra police officers to help patrol the extra areas.
Sgt Seamer said although Emerald has taken over patrolling Gembrook and Cockatoo, residents should still call triple zero of they have an emergency and the nearest police unit will respond.
However, he said anyone who has a general inquiry which they want to talk to a police officer about can attend the Emerald station rather than going to Pakenham.