Underworld – buy the book

Emerald-based author Peter Oredsson.

By Peter Douglas

Emerald author Peter Oredsson is fulfilling his mission to sell the intrigue of Melbourne underworld to the world.
After late last year releasing his third novel, ‘The Sicilian Favour’, readers seem to have taken a shine to the crime fiction release, with sales proving exceptionally strong.
The novel has been described as a compelling tale which ‘mixes horrible fascination and personal empathy’.
Oredsson said readers far and wide had embraced his latest novel.
“The ‘Sicilian Favour’ is now in the top five per cent on Amazon.com.au kindle and in the top 3.6 per cent on the Book Depository, after only six months in the marketplace,” he said.
The Swedish immigrant moved to Australia alone at just age 23, before moving to Emerald with his family three years ago.
Oredsson has also managed to publish two books, ‘Peeta Oreda and the Power of Numbers’, and ‘The Blood-line Incursion’.
His latest offering is described as an exotic tale of love and loss, greed and fear, power and desire, and set against the exotic backdrop of the criminal underworld in Melbourne.