Nostalgic feel to locally made film

Historic Victorian towns have been used to express a 1950s feel.

By Effie Caloutas

Belgrave’s Cameo Theatre is set to host a local film release, with a special showing of ‘Comet Kids’ on Saturday 18 November.
The brainchild of Pakenham-based independent filmmaker Glenn Triggs, the family adventure film is based around six friends who find a piece of passing comet.
The period-based film is set in the characters’ quaint hometown in the 1950s.
Triggs said he hoped to pay homage to some classics through the film.
“We spent three years making this film and I believe it can sit on the same shelf as the films that inspired it in the first place, ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stand by Me’.
“The film is full of emotion, laughs, danger, adventure and fun.”
The nostalgic feel of the film is enhanced by many blasts from the past, including appearances from 1980s hit singer Marty Rhone, Reg Gorman from ‘The Sullivans’, and Tiriel Mora from ‘The Castle’.
Triggs, himself, has been praised for recreating the atmosphere, look and innocence of the 1950s.
In addition to the Cameo showing, ‘Comet Kids’ is set to be released in cinemas nationwide, but the film-maker said it was great to have it shown locally.
Triggs said he loved all aspects of making films.
“The last two features, ‘41’ and ‘Apocalyptic’, have been released worldwide and seen by millions of people,” he said.
“Film making … tickles my creative brain like no other medium. From script-writing to editing, each step along the way brings challenges and excitement, as nothing slowly forms into something incredible.”
Actors within the film have also enjoyed the roles, including Rhone who plays Cliff, the villain in the film.
Rhone said he really liked the look of the film, after attending a cast and crew screening.
“Some great locations outside of Melbourne and in rural Victoria were chosen and the cinematography of Bernard Winter is exceptional and gives the film a great look,” he said.
Rhone said he enjoyed playing the villain, Cliff.
“I had a lot of fun playing the villain. It was my first film playing the bad guy and it allowed me to explore my dark side and provided more character personality options,” he said.
The film will be released on DVD through Pinnacle Film on Wednesday 20 December.
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