Say hello to ‘goodbye’ tour

Iconic musician John Pyke is preparing to play his final shows.

By Peter Douglas

One of Australia’s most exciting musicians, Josh Pyke, will soon bid farewell to the music scene through a series of performances, including at the Sooki Lounge on Friday 8 December.
Earlier this year, Pyke announced his 10 Years of Memories and Dust regional tour, alongside the news Pyke will hang up his guitar and go on hiatus from the end of 2017.
In what may be one of the last opportunities to see Pyke live, at least for the foreseeable future, he will perform one of his most popular releases in full, ‘Memories and Dust’.
While not completely signing off from creative duties, Pyke told the ‘Mail’ it was time to freshen up and follow new creative ventures.
“This tour feels right … it’s like I’ve gone a full circle since the release of Memories and Dust,” Pyke said.
“I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had since I started, but now I’ve got a clear horizon … I want to follow other creative outlets and that still takes time.”
Chiefly among these will be working with other musicians, both in a creative sense and a mentorship role.
In recent times, through his Josh Pyke Partnership organisation, he has helped mentor the likes of Gordi, who is presently impressing audiences nationwide.
“When I was coming through, I worked with John Butler, and I learned a lot from many along the way, too. Now I can give some of that back,” he said.
From his first appearance in Triple J’s Hottest 100 – with ‘Middle of the Hill’ coming in at No.19 in 2005 – to the 2017 release of his greatest hits album, Josh Pyke has been a part of the Australian music landscape for more than a decade.
Over time, he’s become well-loved for his intricate storytelling, thoughtful folk pop arrangements and finely honed stage chops.
Pyke has released five studio albums, all of which have gained prestigious accolades and critical acclaim.
But Pyke doesn’t mince words, when saying he needs a rest after a hectic but rewarding period in his life.
“After I’ve wrapped up this year’s shows, both here and abroad, I’ve decided to go on hiatus from touring my own stuff for a while,” he said.
“The last dozen or so years of touring have been wild and hugely rewarding, and now I’m keen to dig in to some other creative projects.
“In the meantime, I can’t wait to play for you all for the rest of 2017.”
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