Ela Gandhi drops in for a bite

Raj with Ela Gandi at Belgrave. 180404_01

Belgrave-based Indian street food restaurant, Babaji’s Kitchen, recently received a warm surprise when the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi dined at the popular location.

Ela Gandhi is the granddaughter of the man they call ‘the father of modern day India’, who was known for his non-violent protests and leading India to their independnce.

Ela is also renowned as a peace activist, who has continued her grandfather’s legacy and who was instrumental in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa.

Babaji’s Kitchen was proud to cook their specialty for Ela; a traditional South Indian masala dosa served with chammanthi (coconut chutney).

Chef Max grew up on dosa in his tropical beachside village in India, before he settled in Belgrave with his Australian wife.

“A masala dosa is a humble dish, a little like a pancake made from lentils and filled with spiced potato,” he said.

“Traditionally, it’s our breakfast but here in Australia we eat it any time of day. Watching them being made in front of you is all part of the experience.

“Ela ate every last bit of her dosa. We think she liked it.”

Max said he enjoyed bringing the tastes of India to the hills.

“When we started our journey cooking at the Belgrave Big Dreams market four years ago, never did we imaging that we would be cooking for those that we read about in our history books,” he said.