Monbulk junior football results

Indi (Under 14s) breaks away from the pack. 181036_01

Away games in the cold, wet, slippery mud this weekend. Teams travelled to Gembrook, Mount Evelyn, Belgrave, Seville and Blackburn. A very wintry day of sport. A mixed bag results wise, but no game played without the club’s renowned fighting spirit. Go Hawks

Under 9s

A great team effort by the Hawks. They moved the ball well and applied plenty of tackling pressure to our opposition. They showed how our training is improving their skills and really enjoyed the game.

Best: Eamon, Emma, Jack, Arley

Monbulk v Gembrook

Under 10s

Well done boys for working hard in the cold and wet. The kids keep improving on their game and skills, while enjoying themselves each quarter.

Best: Jed, Lucas, Benjamin, Ethan, Riley

Monbulk v Gembrook

Under 11s

They were set for a tough day against the competition leaders. They worked hard in the first half to concede just three scoring shots, but certainly felt plenty of pressure after the first break. A long season, but they are improving every week.

Monbulk 0.0.0 v Mt Evelyn 10.11.71

Under 12s

The team worked well in the first half, but definitely worked harder in the second to keep Gembrook scoreless. Solid winners from hard work.

Monbulk 8.16.64 v Gembrook 0.0.0

Under 14s Blue

A trying day at Wesburn in the wet, slippery conditions saw us not physically able to sustain the pressure of the opposition.

Monbulk 3.2.20 v Wesburn 6.6.42

Best: Kody T., Alex M., Nick T., Logan B., Riley F

Under 14s Green

Wet and slippery against a good team. They started slowly but built their effort as the game went on. Plenty of positives to work on.

Best: Jack, Mika, Jules, Lachie S, Tommy M

Under 14s Girls

Well done, girls; working hard together as a team both on the field and at training Is showing great results on the scoreboard.

Monbulk 7.9.51 v Belgrave 0.0.0

Under 16s

The boys did a good job today in tough conditions. They controlled the ball for a majority of the day and started to apply some score board pressure in the second half. Well done.

Monbulk 11.19.85 v Gembrook 2.0.12

Lachy B, Big D, Utts, Denno, Gary R

Under 18s Girls

Being second to the ball doesn’t enable you to beat teams. Good lesson for the girls after the high from last week that you still have to play the game.

Monbulk 1.2.8 v Blackburn 7.8.50

Best: Emma, Tahlia, Laura G, Estella