Small play with big story

The Good Girl Song Project is bringing their show, "Voyage" to the Emerald Gemco Theatre.

The year is 1833; two hundred young women immigrate to the Australian Colonies from England, but to claim their new life they must first survive the voyage.

In the musical production ‘Voyage,’ The Good Girl Song Project brings this story to life and is featuring the play at the Gem theatre in Emerald.

Written by Helen Begley and based on the academic writings of Liz Rushen and others, “Voyage” speaks to the little-known history of Australian female migration.

The script quotes directly from eyewitness accounts while the songs capture the humor and poignancy of everyday life aboard ship.

Ms Begley said that the play was a chance to display those lesser known female stories which have faded into Australia’s vast history.

“I came across this little story in a book and it was just this little entry about a ship load of women who had been paid passage to come to Australia to work,” Ms Begley said.

“The first scene was of them being greeted in Sydney by 2000 men jeering at them.”

“It’s a little known part of our history and a chance to show the female stories which are often a quieter story.”

Playing upon the historical importance of female migration stories, the cast are also inviting local people to a workshop beforehand to devise a new scene for the performance.

Residents of Emerald are invited to bring along stories of female immigration from their personal and community history.

These stories will be worked into a new scene which will be performed that night starring the workshop participants.

“Were really interested in hearing people’s female immigration stories and history in their families and the wider community,” Ms Begley said.

The workshop will take place at the Gemco Theatre on 18 August at 3pm, with the performance taking place a few hours later at 7pm.

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