Rally for Nauru

The protestors outside Tony Smith''s office.

 Protestors called on Casey MP Tony Smith to bring families on Nauru to Australia within the month.

They rallied outside his Chirnside Park office on Wednesday 24 October, Universal Children’s Day.

“Our purpose is to ensure that the government brings all children and their families currently on Nauru here by the 20 November,” protestor Prue Licht said.

The group represented The Refugee Action Collective, Grandmothers against the Detention of Refugee Children, Kindred, Rally at the Roundabout, and Amnesty international.

“Children as young as five are refusing to eat and drink, becoming increasingly sick,” Ms Licht said of the asylum seekers on Nauru.

“A five year old girl was recently airlifted to Australia, she had not eaten or drunk for three weeks and is desperately ill.

“It is not illegal to seek asylum.

“Most of the people on Nauru and Manus have been found to be refugees.

“They have fled dangerous and in some cases deadly situations to find safety in our country.

“All the people remaining in offshore detention have been there for over five years with no immediate hope of resolution of their situation.”

Ms Licht said 12 men had died over the past two years through suicide, accidents, violent attacks and inadequate medical treatment.

“The current and past governments have spent billions of dollars on this evil system and been responsible for the inception and ongoing maintenance of a system of cruel and inhumane treatment of thousands of people who have not committed any crime,” she said.