Find a voice at Belgrave Hub

Sam, Ava and Danielle utilising the services offered at Belgrave Hub.

Hundreds of Yarra Ranges families are benefiting from a range of allied health and emergency support services including occupational therapy (OT), at the Belgrave Community Hub.

Inspiro Community Health provides speech therapy and OT for children at the hub to help them prepare for school, develop fine and gross motor skills, learn self-care and self-regulation and improve their attention abilities.

Danielle Pearce’s twin daughters Sam and Ava, both 4, were referred to an Inspiro Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist by Council’s Maternal and Child Health Nurse.

“Sam has been receiving help with her speech development and for her personal growth,” Ms Pearce said.

“The Maternal and Child Health Nurse referred us to the new Belgrave Community Hub and also to Inspiro at Lilydale.

“We went to the nurse for their three and a half year old check, where it was suggested that Sam would really benefit from having more help with her speech and development.

“Some of the other benefits is the location and accessibility the hub offers – the car parking is great.

“It’s affordable. We are able to come to speech pathology weekly or fortnightly, as much as what we need and we don’t have to worry about the cost.”

Ms Pearce of Menzies Creek said her daughter Sam was really benefiting from just a few months of seeing an Inspiro Speech Therapist.

“They love going to speech therapy because there are lots of games …everything is just here for them,” she said.

Inspiro Speech Pathologist Bronwyn Bail said the aim of the speech therapy services provided at the hub was to get children school-ready.

“By the time they are ready to go to school we want them to have caught up to the rest of their age group, so that includes speaking clearly, which tends to help their literacy development as well,” Ms Bail said.

Inspiro Paediatric Occupational Therapist Lauren Whiting said her services supported children of preschool age with their fine motor skills such as hand writing, and gross motor skills like running, jumping and catching a ball.

“We also assist with them learning self-care like dressing and toileting, and with their ability to pay attention and regulate their emotions,” Ms Whiting said.

Belgrave Community Hub is managed by Inspiro Community Health and offers range of health services. The hub is open from 8.45am – 4.45pm Monday to Friday.

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