Fretted frivolity with free-spirited Ben Kelly

Silvan musician, Ben Kelly is returning for his third time to The Melbourne Guitar Show. 195222_01

Free-spirited Silvan musician Ben Kelly is returning for the third time to The Melbourne Guitar Show.

Known for his unique musical stylings, Ben draws inspiration from many different places, genres and influences including Latin American, Spanish guitar, African-inspired rhythms, and eastern-style melodies to name a few.

Speaking to the Mail, Ben said he was chuffed to be invited back to the Guitar Show and was looking forward to playing with other like-minded musicians.

“It’s the largest guitar festival in the southern hemisphere, they have literally maybe thousands guitars,” he said.

“You’ve got professional, world-class musicians and you’ve got people thinking about just buying a guitar all in the same area together.

“It’s a great opportunity to hear them play, talk to them, get photos and be in an environment where everyone has the same interests and same reasons.

“The atmosphere is really energised; it’s a really full-on electric atmosphere, because at every single guitar stand you’ve got people playing.

“It’s just a massive guitar fiesta.”

Already announced to take part in this year’s show are Ash Grunwald, Sarah McLeod, Dave Leslie, USA’s Keith Merrow, Dennis Jones and many more.

Ben, along with other guitarists, will be there not only to perform, but offer expert advice and even conduct a workshop or two.

The Belgrave-born and bred musician has been playing guitar since he was 14 years old and has become a regular at the guitar festival.

“This is my third year running,” he said.

“It’s a major event, and a really big deal for any artists to be invited, so I’m really happy to be invited back.”

Ben invited music lovers to head along and take part in one of the many information seminars as well as see live performances from Australia’s most talented guitarists.

The Melbourne Guitar Show takes place on 3 and 4 August at the Caulfield Racecourse.