Finding a home for Baba Desi portrait


Do you have a Baba Desi sized space on your café wall?

Cal Osborne’s portrait of the loveable Belgrave larrikin is in need of a new home.

Artist Cal Osborne said that since the Emerald Art Show wrapped up he has been on the lookout for a location – preferably in Belgrave – where his portrait can be enjoyed by the community, and visitors to the area.

Speaking to the Mail, Cal said his latest project – painting the alluring Belgrave wizard has been a memorable experience and he hopes that someone in the community will be able to display the art in a public space.

“Desi’s a bit of an icon of the area,” he said.

“It was really cool to meet Desi and do his portrait, but I never gave much thought to its final resting home beyond the Emerald Art Show.”

“I’d really like it put somewhere where the community and visitors to Belgrave can see it and enjoy it.”

He said painting the  Belgrave wizard has been the most challenging piece he’s tackled to date.

That difficulty was partly due to Desi’s flamboyant clothing and unique look.

“Any portrait is hard because you really want to capture them and I guess he is a very unique and charismatic individual.”

“I really wanted to capture that smile and happiness about him, because he’s super friendly.

“All the details in the rings and the jacket he wears is just incredible … I’ve got a good appreciation of the work that went into that jacket.

The portrait is even made from Baba Desi himself who contributed his famous staffs to use as the frame.

“I bought two of his staff’s and cut them down … it pained me to cut them, but I like that he hand-made a component of it.”

If you have a Baba Desi portrait-sized hole you’d like to fill then contact Cal at Poncho Designs on Facebook.