Sewing the seeds of social justice


Sassafras Primary School students are helping to feed the hungry.On Monday 12 August students harvested their vegetable garden, and filled the cupboards at the Tecoma Food is Free with a range of nutritious veggies.

Chris Saray from The Food Security Network worked with the Sassafras students to maintain the garden beds.

Since early this year, grade four, five and six students have cultivated parsley and silver beet with the aim of helping solve the largely hidden problem of food insecurity in the region.

Secretary for the Hills Food Frontier, Merry Griffiths said in that time the students grew a hefty crop, which they delivered to the Food is Free Tecoma – a local initiative that aims to provide a source of free, healthy, and where possible, organic foods.

“Under the guidance of Chris Saray the students set about where to put a veggie bed and they got seedling and started planting and within several months there’s a massive harvest which went to the Food is Free in Tecoma,” Ms Griffiths said.

“Kids who do the program absolutely love it and it’s great, because they really do work together as a team.”

“This time around they planted parsley, herbs and silver beet … they found through their efforts last year that they were the two things that grew exceptionally well with the conditions and weather.”

Ms Griffiths said the students quickly develop an understanding that it only takes simple actions to support others and build a strong community.

“Unfortunately, there is a lot of food insecurity in the world and many people go without food.”

“Through this they learn about the importance of growing their own food and the broader aspect of helping their community.”

“The students placed all their vegetable in the cupboard at Food is Free Tecoma and that cupboard is there and open 24 hours, so anybody can come along and take whatever it is that they need and want … it’s for everyone.“