Refreshing roundabout revegetation

Year 10 Yarra Ranges Tech students will revegetate the Monbulk Roundabout over the coming weeks.

As the flower capital of the Yarra Ranges, it’s time that Monbulk looked the part.

Monbulk and District Community Working Group (MADCOW) are working with Year 10 Yarra Ranges Tech School students to revegetate the Monbulk Roundabout.

MADCOW member Luke Schroder said the revegetation will brighten-up the roundabout, which acts as the main entrance to Monbulk

“MADCOW has arranged for the main roundabout in Monbulk – next to Mitre 10 – to be redeveloped, in conjunction with Ranges Tech school.”

“It’s expected to be finished by middle October, so people will notice students and people working on the roundabout over the next few weeks. “

“The students came out with ten designs and we chose one that would suit us. We’re really looking forward to seeing the finished product, as there will be a variety of different coloured perennial flowers to brighten it up, and add a bit of colour to the flower capital of the Yarra ranges.”

The students are leading the implementation of the revegetation from beginning to end and Year 10 Yarra Ranges Tech Teacher, Rachael Holt said it was a great opportunity for school students to explore their career options.

“First we marked it out and use numeracy skills to work out the right angles and spacing of the roundabout,” she said.

“We’ve done the edging and composting, and we’ll be ready to start planting next week. We integrate all of our classes so that kids are on the tool while they‘re learning. It makes school hands on and relevant and we’re really excited about this because they’ll be able to come back in years’ time and say, ‘I helped build this’.

Ms Holt said that the roundabout will feature various colourful flowers that will recognise Monbulk as the flower hub of the Yarra Ranges.

“We’re going to use perennials and seasonals and it should be something that’s just stunning and celebrates what’s happening in Monbulk.”