HillsceneLIVE 2019 explores identity, family, and consequences

HillsceneLIVE 2019 takes up its new home at Karwarra Gardens in the Dandenong ranges.

Shattering the walls of traditional art, ‘Shifting thresholds – hillsceneLIVE 2019’ takes up its new home at Karwarra Gardens in the Dandenong ranges with an experimental art festival.

Unearthing answers of where we have come from, where we have been, and where we may go, ‘Shifting thresholds- hillsceneLIVE 2019’ embodies live experimental art and performative expression.

The art premiered at the eighth hillsceneLIVE festival capstones the months of blood, sweat and tears our artists have endured. Every artist has dug deep into their practice, channelling their innermost expression for audiences to behold.

With 15 distinct and varied acts covering circus, dance, live art and storytelling, this year’s festival is an opportunity to witness the artistic journey, from seeds of idea to the final raw performance.

Threading all of the pieces together is this year’s theme, “Turbulent lineages to shifting thresholds”, sifting through the nitty gritty details of identity, family, consequences and uncertainty, and by no means traditional.

Delve into a shared human experience, from collective lineages flowing into a coinciding and unknown future.

Gulsen Ozer weaves an intimate and true tale of family and life experiences in her piece and Dani-Ela Kayler explores our changing realities through contemporary and intense human dance.

The program is also packed with plenty of experiences for everyone, including; creative conversations with the artists where they unpack the bold choices and complex themes in their works, live music from intriguing local bands, and even creative hands-on workshops.

With the last breath of spring HillsceneLIVE invites you to Karwarra to challenge the ingrained and established boundaries of art.

HillsceneLIVE takes place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November. For tickets go to http://www.hillscenelive.com/