Siblings raise over $2000 for fire relief

Tilly and Zac with members from Montrose CFA.

Community spirit has been at its best in recent weeks, with goods and money from all over the country being donated to fire-affected regions.

Even the youngest community members are doing their bit to help.

On 11 January, siblings Zac (10-years-old) and Tilly (8-years-old) hosted a lemonade stand in Mooroolbark with the support of Montrose CFA firefighters.

The stand raised $1716.30 and with an added donation from Zac and Tilly’s grandparents, they ended up raising just over $2300 for the bushfire relief fund and Wildlife Victoria.

The sibling’s dad, Glen, said his kids were inspired to set up the stand after seeing so much coverage of the bushfires on television.

“It wasn’t until they realised it affected the area of Mallacoota, we actually camp quite often up at Mallacoota,” he said.

“They became really interested and just engaged. It was one of those things that Matilda said straight up, I want to help.

“The irony behind it was I brought home a bag of lemons that had been given to me from someone at work.

“The kids said why don’t we do a lemonade stand.”

Once the stall was set up and a Facebook post from Glen gained popularity, the donations started flooding in.

The stand was so successful that the family was there until 4.30pm and had to cancel their trip to the Healesville races that afternoon.

“We’re just completely blown away,” Glen said.

“To see so many kids rock up with their money boxes and give and donate all the money they’ve saved.

“I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a few tears throughout the whole day as well.”

Glen said he couldn’t believe how much his kids raised and that he was extremely proud of them.

“They just wanted to genuinely help, quite honestly I couldn’t be prouder.”

“They’ve got a heart of gold and they’re always giving.”