Gembrook Primary says goodbye to a great

Arthur with Gembrook Primary School captains Harry and Isabelle and his book of farewell messages.

Gembrook Primary School has said farewell to its much-loved crossing supervisor, Arthur Wintle.

After manning the school’s crossing for the past nine years, Arthur has decided to put down his stop sign and enjoy retirement.

Arthur’s career began as a secondary school teacher before he moved into building and then became a crossing supervisor in 2011.

“I’ve absolutely loved it, it’s the best job I’ve ever had,” Arthur said.

“The parents and the students and the staff are all friendly and that’s partly because of how I present myself.

“I always say good morning and how are you and have a nice day.

“I make a point of learning the names of the children and their parents and even their younger brothers and sisters.”

The primary school hosted a farewell assembly for Arthur on 20 March. He was presented with a book of farewell messages from students, parents and staff, both past and present and his daughter, Sarah, also attended the event.

Arthur has always been an important part of the local community, not just through his school crossing role.

He grew up in Emerald, before living in Gembrook and now Cockatoo.

He’s become heavily involved in the Cockatoo community, having co-authored the book Cockatoo – Voices From the Past and he has been a member of the Cockatoo History and Heritage Group for about nine years.

The biggest change he has noticed in the region over his lifetime is the addition of more people.

But those people are also what he loves most about the area.

“I won’t miss some of the car drivers. That little sign that says 40, they must be blind to that one,” Arthur said.

“I won’t miss the fog, I won’t miss the wet weather, I won’t miss the wind but I’ll miss the people.”