Achieving excellence in all aspects of school life


I feel very privileged to be appointed to the Principal role for this wonderful school serving the broader Monbulk community. I would like to thank Margaret Uren for her outstanding leadership of this school and her contribution to the system of public education in Victoria. The legacy of Margaret’s work will be felt directly by those she taught and led. Indirectly, it impacts generations of families that build an appreciation of the value of public education. Her work will be felt deeply, broadly and for a significant amount of time. I look forward to continually celebrating all great things that Monbulk achieves, a school where students are supported to explore their interests and achieve their best. I began my professional life as a teacher teaching Maths, Outdoor Education and Physical Education. My educational leadership has extended across a number of government schools with roles in student wellbeing, curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment and reporting, sub-schools, professional development and university pre-service teaching programs, to name a few. I look forward to further strengthening relationships with all members of the school community and to seek further opportunities for student voice, agency and connectedness. Arguably the greatest opportunity at Monbulk College is to continue to keep developing the school. The prospect of continuing to work with the members of the “Monbulk” community to instil the confidence to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life is an exciting one.

– Mark Quinlan,

College Principal

Monbulk College