Jobs Victoria helping Yarra Ranges residents find their own career pathway

Jobs Victoria is 'Backing You' for jobs in 2022. Picture: ON FILE

By Callum Ludwig

As Victoria transitions out of two years infiltrated by lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions more than anywhere else in the world, Yarra Ranges residents need help finding employment or changing their career paths.

Jobs Victoria Advocate at Box Hill Institute Annemarie Mulder is reaching out to those in the Yarra Ranges and encourages them to connect with resources and services.

Ms Mulder said she and the team of Jobs Victoria Advocates will help residents connect the dots on their career pathways.

“Jobs Advocate is really the first point of contact, whether you have had your job affected by Covid, want more hours because you are working casual, or are simply excited at the idea of doing something else,” she said.

“People have got barriers that they need to overcome, such as issues with finances, relationships or their physical or mental wellbeing, connecting with the world of work can seem really far away, and we are there to get them back into work now or soon.”

Jobs Victoria released its “Backing You’ campaign at the end of February this year, highlighting the support and services they are offering Victorians to help them get connected with training and employment opportunities.

Ms Mulder said there are a number of difficulties that Yarra Ranges residents face specifically.

“In many areas of the Yarra Ranges, transport is a difficulty, because it takes time to even get to Lilydale, to then go from there out, or you often need a car to get between other areas of the Yarra Ranges,” she said.

“Jobs Victoria Advocates can be found easily, we can be contacted on the phone and can visit people at libraries and Community Houses, such as those in Healesville, Seville, Mt Evelyn and Lilydale.”

Jobs Victoria Advocates can help job seekers get in touch with a number of free, accessible services such as Jobs Victoria career counsellors and employment services, Cire Community Services, Box Hill Institute, Yarra Ranges Council and Lilydale Youth Hub and more. For those in need , they also help source contact with social support services in the Yarra Ranges to provide food and other material support such as support offered by Yarra Valley LinC and HICCI.

Ms Mulder said unemployment or dissatisfaction with current employment affects a broad range of demographics in the Yarra Ranges.

“We see a lot of young people feeling isolated and unmotivated after years of remote study at school or older workers thinking about working longer and finding a new career, or maybe whose previous career is no longer viable,” she said.

“We also get women who have not been working for a while and at home, perhaps after having kids, and who have lost confidence with what and how to get back into the workforce.”

For those seeking assistance, Ms Mulder can be called directly at 0459 944 855 or residents can call 03 8892 1357 or request a callback at

More information about Jobs Victoria can be found at and a number of local employment opportunities can be found at where job seekers can search by suburb and type of job and upload a CV, as well as employers being able to register jobs.