Knox City Council hosts drop in session for The Basin triangle

The Basin Triangle is a well-used and loved community space.

By Parker McKenzie

Residents in The Basin met with Knox City Council workers to have their say on a proposed master plan for The Basin Triangle.

On Friday 24 June, Knox Council hosted the first of two pop-up sessions, allowing the local community to critique the recently published plans to overhaul the community space.

Most of the feedback towards the plan took aim at the positioning of car parking and the moving of a loved playground area.

“The general feeding of the meeting is we are happy the way it is, the biggest issue is the parking,” one local resident said.

“They are trying to move the traffic lights to right in front of the hairdressers.”

On a nearby suggestion board, residents left their feedback on post-it notes, with many stating more car parking would be required.

The Basin Triangle is “located at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and is the heart of The Basin Shopping precinct,” according to Knox City Council.

In regards to the playground, Knox City Council said the plan proposes a new nature-based playground be built in the future.

“This new playground would be located to the north of the park, enlarging the existing lawn area for events and community use,” council said.

“We are keen to hear if this is something that the community would support. The playspace would only be relocated in the future if the community supported this proposal.”

One resident commended Knox City Council for hosting the drop-in session and thanked them for their patience in listening to feedback.

“I feel like they are really trying to listen, it was really worthwhile,” she said.

“We like the country feel here, we wouldn’t want them to change it into something more city-like.”

The new master plan aims to improve the area by providing safe pedestrian movements from retail strips, ensuring the park is safe and accessible for all users, providing wheelchair access to all main areas and provide public seating opportunities.

More information about the masterplan and how residents can give their feedback to council can be found at