Almost 4000 Skoda cars recalled

3801 Skoda cars have been recalled. Picture: ON FILE

3801 Skoda Superb and Octavia model cars with a year range of 2020 – 2024 have been recalled.

Due to a manufacturing issue, the heat shield between the brake master cylinder and the exhaust may have been incorrectly fitted. As a result, a connection to the brake fluid reservoir could melt. If this occurs, brake fluid may leak and cause a reduction in braking performance and/or if brake fluid leaks on to a hot exhaust there is a risk of a vehicle fire.

A reduction in braking performance and/or a vehicle fire could increase the risk of an accident causing serious injury or death to vehicle occupants, other road users or bystanders and/or damage property.

Owners of affected vehicles can contact their preferred Skoda dealership to schedule an appointment to have the vehicle inspected and rectified, free of charge.