Offical opening of the Cire Monbulk Campus

Daniela De Martino MP, Julian Carle Cire Board Chair ,Brad Turner – Cire Campus Principal Monbulk, Ben Carroll MP, Aaron Violi MP, Gus Seremetis Cire CEO and Cire Executive Manager of Education Peri Dix. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS.

By Shamsiya Hussainpoor

A new community-based Monbulk campus was officially opened on Thursday 28 March for students from Prep to Year 12.

Cire Community School is a unique school that welcomes and acknowledges students from all backgrounds, especially recognising trauma-informed approaches – meaning acknowledging the general impact of trauma on students’ behaviour, learning and wellbeing.

Most students at the community school have experienced some sort of discrimination and stigma, the teachers and staff ensure all learning are incorporated in all aspects of policies, procedures, and practices and to ensure students have positive memories from their schooling years.

By having a trauma-informed practice, teachers and staff have a better understanding of how a student experience may impact their present learning and behaviour.

The school’s slogan is, ‘We embrace diversity and empower young minds,’ – further priding itself for creating a safe and welcoming space for all students to play, learn and grow.

Cire Monbulk Campus Principal Bradley Turner said there’s so much they can offer here, and they are so lucky to have this beautiful campus.

“A really exciting event to be part of today, we’re very proud of all of the work we do here with our young people and in supporting our community and to be able to officially recognise the opening,” Mr Turner said.

The principal said the school had a long waitlist with students in need of the sort of education Cire offers that they haven’t been able to find.

“By opening this campus and having a bigger space we are offering more young people to benefit from what we do,” he said.

“We’ve already had about 130 young people who are new to Cire Community School.

“As beautiful as this place is, the most exciting part about this campus is just the sheer number of young people we’re able to welcome in who can benefit from our learning model and have a schooling environment where they feel safe and supported.”

The school’s curriculum is based on three levels, junior, middle, and senior years – with each student developing their own pathway plan that includes individual learning goals.

The Cire difference compared to other public, or community school is it has smaller class sizes, meaning more educators to student ratio simultaneously offering designated safe space for self-regulation.

State education minster Ben Carroll said this is an important school for young people that don’t necessarily fit in the mainstream model of education.

“I’m here to see firsthand and open up the Cire Community School Monbulk campus,” Mr Carroll said.

“This is a school that has a real focus on wellbeing and tailored support, we’ve supported it as a government, and they continue to do wonderful work.”

“The facilities are excellent, the school leadership here is excellent, meeting the executive leadership, the principal – these are people that have a passion for education, they know how to make young people live a purposeful life.”

Monbulk MP Daniela De Martino said everyone learns differently and students should receive the right help and support.

“It can’t be understated how important it is to cater for all students, no matter their background of past experiences,” she said.

“Education should never be one size fits all, as a former teacher, I understand that really well, and I’m delighted we have this in the electorate of Monbulk, to be able to cater for students around here who need this kind of differentiated approach.”

Mr Turner said he’s looking forward to welcoming the current and new students to the school.

“I’ve thought a lot about what’s my purpose in working at this school and what I feel we get to do each, and every day is recognise the individuality and humanity of our young people and extend them dignity in their education,” Mr Turner said.