Region carnival fun and successes

Beau after winning gold in the under-9 boys 700 metre walk.

The representative opportunity for the junior members from Yarra Ranges Athletics saw 30 athletes competing in the Little Athletics Eastern Metro Region Carnival held at the Knox Athletics track.

Two full days of competition allowed athletes to choose up to four of their favourite events, with the aim to set a new personal best, earn a region medal and qualify for the upcoming State Championships.

The athletes from all age groups under-9 to under-15 performed with distinction, flying the club colours in the full range of disciplines, including all running, jumping and throwing.

Highlights of the carnival were the medal winners – Beau McKinnon, Caitlyn Pointon, Mitchell Pointon, Eva Johnson, Summer Caldicott, Scarlett Wheeler, Wilbur Davidson-Tuck, Emily Fiedler, Mia Strudley, Indigo Linde, Kiara Flavel, Tiara Willis, Zoe Clarke, Stephanie van Bemmel, Bradley Walker and Andre Johanson.

Gold medal winners will automatically qualify for State Championships in March.

Other athletes will progress based on results ranked across all regions, earning them the opportunity to test their skills against the best athletes.


U9B 700m walk: Beau McKinnon GOLD 4.27

U9G 700m walk: Caitlyn Pointon SILVER 4.53

U14G shot put: Sarah Ebbels 5th 7.22m

U10B 1100m walk: Mitchell Pointon GOLD 7.39

U10G 1100m walk: Eva Johnson SILVER 7.13

U10G 1100m walk: Madison Wheeler

U9G discus: Summer Caldicott GOLD 18.52m

U12B triple jump: Bradley Walker 10th 8.00m

U12G 80m hurdles: Abbey Bartlett 11th 18.80

U12G 1500m walk: Scarlett Wheeler SILVER 10.23

U14G long jump: Amy Pearce 12th 3.76m

U12G 200m: Aemelia Stevenson 11th 32.92

U9B high jump: Finn Rossthorn 4th 1.05m

U10G 200m: Madison Wheeler 11th 40.12

U11B discus: Wilbur Davidson-Tuck BRONZE 23.82

U12G shot put: Scarlett Wheeler 9th 6.97m

U10B 70m: Mitchell Walker 7th 12.18

U9G 70m: Emily Fiedler SILVER 11.08

U12G 800m: Aemelia Stevenson 7th 2.57.56

U15G 800m: Mia Strudley SILVER 2.26

U14G 800m: Indigo Linde GOLD 2.20

U14G 800m: Kiara Flavel SILVER 2.23

U13G 80m hurdles: Tiara Willis BRONZE 13.96

U12B 80m hurdles: Spencer Tabone 5th 15.98

U12B 800m: Bradley Walker 10th 2.52

U9G 800m: Willow Naismith 6th 3.22

U10G 800m: Zoe Clarke SILVER 2.45

U10B discus: Mitchell Walker 9th 15.15m

U9G high jump: Summer Caldicott 6th .90m

U9G high jump: Eloise Stevenson 8th. 80m

U14G high jump: Amy Pearce 4th 1.25m

U11B long jump: Andre Johanson 4th 4.08m

U11G long jump: Stephanie van Bemmel 4th 3.64m

U13G 200m: Tiara Willis 5th 30.16

U13G 200m: Sacha Carroll 8th 31.37

U9G 200m: Emily Fiedler GOLD 33.80

U9G 200m: Willow Naismith 8th 38.27

U11G discus: Stephanie van Bemmel SILVER 19.17

U11B javelin: Wilbur Davidson-Tuck BRONZE 17.88


U12G long jump: Abbey Bartlett 10th 2.63m

U13G 200m hurdles: Tiara Willis GOLD 32.26

U10B shot put: Kai Sidari 7th 6.60m

U10B shot put: Mitchell Walker 10th 6.10m

U15G 1500m: Mia Strudley SILVER 5.00.60

U14G 1500m: Indigo Linde GOLD 5.10.38

U9G 60m hurdles: Eloise Stevenson 12th 13.77

U9G 60m hurdles: Zoe Bartlett 14th 14.58

U9B 100m: Finn Rossthorn 9th 17.89

U12G: Aemelia Stevenson 5th 6.09.55

U9G shot put: Summer Caldicott 4th 5.06m

U9G shot put: Eloise Stevenson 8th 3.82m

U11B triple jump: Andre Johanson BRONZE 8.55m

U11G triple jump: Stephanie van Bemmel 4th 7.88m

U13G 100m: Tiara Willis 5th 14.41

U13G 100m: Sasha Carroll 10th 14.99

U10B 60m hurdles: Kai Sidari 6th 13.15

U9B 60m hurdles: Finn Rossthorn 4th 11.70

U10B high jump: Kai Sidari 5th 1.05m

U12B high jump: Bradley Walker SILVER 1.30m

U12B high jump: Spencer Tabone 4th 1.30m

U9G long jump: Eloise Stevenson 14th 2.22m

U13G shot put: Sasha Carroll 4th 7.50m

U14G discus: Sarah Ebbels 4th 17.82m

U9G 100m: Emily Fiedler GOLD 16.11

U9G 400m: Emily Fiedler BRONZE 1.20.44

U10G 400m: Zoe Clarke GOLD 1.12.10

U12G 400m: Aemelia Stevenson 8th 1.15.74

U14G 400m: Kiara Flavel GOLD 59.27

U14G 400m: Indigo Linde SILVER 1.02.11

Next weekend Yarra Ranges senior teams compete in the AV Shield final at Lakeside Stadium.

AV Shield is the premier athletics team event competition in Victoria and brings together the top ranked clubs from throughout Victoria.

The men’s open, women’s open and men’s under-18 teams topped the White Zone table and head to Lakeside optimistic of a top three finish.

The under-18 men’s team will be looking to repeat last year’s win.

Little Athletics action will return on Saturday morning. This weekend is Club v Club day, so competitors and supporters will turn up in the finest club colours, hair ties, face paint and prepare to battle rival clubs.

Training is on every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6pm.

It’s not too late to get involved in either Little Athletics or the senior competition with Athletics Victoria.