Monbulk bowlers enjoy the conditions

Monbulk plays Eastwood Golf at Saturday's pennant.

Saturday’s pennant saw Monbulk 1, who were in fourth place, play Heatherdale at home in perfect conditions.

Monbulk grabbed the initiative early and won on all rinks 109 to 53. Richard Cookson’s rink led by 10 shots after four ends and went on to win 25 to 10.

Brian Smith’s rink was 20 shots in front at the tea break and eventually won 30 to 15.

Andrew Bell’s rink won 14 ends and kept their opposition to low numbers on their winning ends to win 31 to 8.

Eric Markham’s rink led by 11 shots with four ends to play, but lost all four ends to win 23 to 20.

Monbulk 2 travelled to Yarra Glen to play on their fast green. They took some time to adjust to the conditions, but then got their line and length winning overall at 102 to 60.

Eric Furby’s rink was seven shots down with three ends to play, but were able to get the eight shots required to narrowly win 19 to 18.

Norma Clerke’s rink was four shots down with four ends to play, but ended up winning 22 to 19.

Graeme Goller’s rink won several multiples to win 35 to 12.

Peter Koomen’s rink gained two five’s and went on to win 26 to 11.

Monbulk 3, who occupy top place on the ladder, travelled to Fitzroy, Victoria to play.

Peter Hiscox’s rink recovered well after dropping a six on the seventh end to win 26 to 17.

Alan Brooke’s rink was six shots in front, but lost the last six ends 19 to 13.

Monbulk 3 won overall (39 to 36) to maintain top place on the ladder.

On Tuesday, Monbulk 1 played MCC who were second on the ladder in an important clash leading up to the finals.

Andrew Bell’s rink began well and grabbed the lead early.

They were able to win the majority of ends to win 29 to 17.

Richard Cookson’s rink dominated the game early and led by 11 shots after the fifth end. They increased this lead to eventually win 24 to 8.

Eric Markham’s rink had a close contest in a high standard game but lost the last 3 ends to lose 16 to 12.

This gave Monbulk the overall win (65 to 41) and helped cement their spot in the top four.

Monbulk 2 played Vermont South at home and had a comfortable win at 76 to 35.

Graeme Goller’s rink had a close contest early, but after grabbing a six on the seventh end cruised to victory, 23 to 9.

Eric Furby’s rink dominated their match, winning 17 ends for the game which gave them a victory of 35 to 10.

Klaus Eisele’s team had a close contest, but were able to get over the line, winning 18 to 16.

Monbulk 3 played away at Boronia and in the early ends had trouble adjusting to the slow grass green.

Alan Hamilton’s rink only won one of the first eleven ends and were 15 shots behind at the lunch break. They did better in the second half of the game, but lost 25 to 13.

Mike Harris’ rink had a close contest throughout their game, but went down 15 to 13.

Ray Pikes rink trailed by five shots after 14 ends, but then won six of the next seven ends to win 24 to 17.

Monbulk lost the overall, 50 to 57.