Tank top season

Sassafras Township Group member Jane Hollands with Cr Noel Cliff and other township group members.

Come along to the Sassafras village green works info session on Saturday 24 November, 11.00am – 2.00pm to learn about the Sassafras Creek Stormwater Project.

Six specially designed underground stormwater tanks are to be installed at Sassafras Village Green to provide cleaner stormwater to Sassafras Creek and prevent erosion.

Construction is due to commence in early February next year and the project will take about eight weeks to complete, during which the Green will be closed.

There will be family activities at the info session, and Council officers will be there to show the plans and answer questions.

The underground tanks capture stormwater that flows off paved surfaces and roads during rain.

The tanks will hold and filter the stormwater before it is slowly released into Sassafras Creek.

Cr Noel Cliff said that stormwater run-off in developed steep areas causes asphalt to be washed into our waterways, eroding creek beds and banks.

“In more undeveloped areas, the rainwater ends up in the soil but in residential areas it ends up in the drain,” Cr Cliff said.

“The run-off collects damaging pollutants such as chemicals, oils and heavy metals from cars and rubbish and ends up back in our waterways.

“Large amounts of stormwater entering the waterways lead to erosion of stream banks and this is what has been happening to the creek.”

“The underground tanks will reduce the speed of stormwater flowing into the creeks, which will help reduce erosion in the creek,” Cr Cliff said.

The tanks will filter contaminants in the stormwater and remove litter, improving the water quality of the creek and stormwater run-off from Mount Dandenong Tourist Road will enter the tanks through underground pipes.

“Our waterways are important for biodiversity habitats and water catchments, as well as for their recreational value for locals and visitors,” Mr Cliff said.

The project will involved the removal of the memorial path however council contractors have ensured the pavers in the memorial path created as part of the community recovery process following the 1997 Dandenong Ranges bushfires will be professionally removed, stored safely and reinstated following completion of the works.