A tree-mendous Christmas

Adrian at the Ports Christmas Tree Farm. 188525_01

So you’ve picked your perfect Christmas tree and it’s made its journey home…now what?

The Mail spoke to Adrian from Ports Christmas Tree Farm in Belgrave South about what you can do to help your tree stay happy, healthy and green for the festive season.

“If you’re taking your tree home on the roof of your car, the tree should be secured/loaded for proper aerodynamics.”

“Position the tree so the base is towards the front of the car, this way the wind will sweep over it following the natural bend of the limbs. Always tie to the trunk and the stem so not to squash outer branches.”

Once you’ve got it home Adrian told the Mail that it’s important to leave the tree in a spot that’s protected from the wind, rain and sun.

From there you can being getting thr tree ready to be put up inside.

“When you’re ready to set up, make a fresh cut off the bottom of the trunk or, drill some holes into the base of the trunk.”

“This opens the trunk so it can take in water properly.

“Fresh-cut trees are very thirsty and your tree will drink a lot of water in the first few days so it’s important that you have a stand that can hold enough water.

“Your tree will be happiest away from heat sources and direct sunlight and will drink less water.

“A properly cared for tree can stay green, healthy and happy for that Christmas Day Party.”