Kallista celebrates a centenary

From left, Fergus, Violet, Grace, Lexie, Esme. 189795_01

This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the Kallista Primary School.

To mark the momentous occasion the school will be hosting an events day on Saturday 16 March and will celebrate with historical activities, photos, stories and memorabilia from past students and teachers.

In 1919 on 10 March, following a petition to the Education department by parents the previously called Sassafras State School opened its door to the public and in its first year had 18 enrolments.

Today the school has around 150 students and although a lot has changed, Kallista Primary School teacher Margaret Brookes said some things have always remained the same.

“We’ve unearthed a lot of old documents,” Ms Brookes said.

“I only found out just the other day that in 1951 Kallista won a gardening award in the Warragul inspectorate for the most improved garden.

“It just goes to show that for a very long we’ve been involved in conservation and gardening and taking groups into the forest.”

The School is still active in its Sherbrooke environment and began operating regular kitchen and garden classes at Kallista Primary School in 2007 when they were selected to join the acclaimed Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Ms Brookes said preparing for the events day has opened up a new door in the history of the school, which she hopes everyone in the area can come and embrace on the day.

“This school has such a long history in the area, from the involvement in the environment to the changing of the schools names to the relocation of the school in 1921.”

“We’re hoping to recreate that long history.”

She said that visitors to the school will be taken back in time with original school tours, class room displays, photo booths, horse and cart rides, plus a bush and maple dance.

Ms Brookes invited all past students and residents to come along and for student to contact the school through their Facebook page regarding school reunions.